Sunday, June 7, 2009

At Last...

This long empty blog is empty no more. I fully intended to begin blogging when the local farmers markets opened for the season. Sadly, I have only been to the markets once, while working on a project for school, and after being asked to leave by Paul Blart Mall Cop's great grandfather (for filming without permission), I have not had the nerve (or time) to return.
So this afternoon I whipped up the world's easiest dinner and figured I would dive on in to my cooking blog. This edition is not so much about the recipe, but about the process (as you will see by the not very helpful with the recipe pictures below). Not that I'm an artist or big time processor. . . but consider it an introduction.

Taco Soup

Begin with about 1 pound of your favorite taco meat. I usually use ground turkey, but today used some of my conveniently browned ground beef with chopped onions and mushrooms. I had cooked and frozen a huge batch, dividing into recipe sized zip lock freezer bags. I do this often. I don't have an army to feed, but I like convenience like the rest of the world.
Because the meat was unseasoned, I added one package of taco seasoning. Then came the hard part. OK, not really, there are NO hard parts to this recipe. I dumped 1 can each of corn, diced tomatoes, black beans (well rinsed), and cream of mushroom soup into my fabulous new skillet. Take a minute to appreciate its fabulousness.

This skillet was a housewarming gift from my good friend Karina. She has ulterior motives as she and her husband often receive the bounty of my cooking projects. It's a win-win relationship. Because the meat has already been cooked, I am just simmering this over a low heat. Because I am me, I have added more black pepper, cumin, and crushed red pepper to this. Adjust to your family's taste. Sometimes I don't add the cream of mushroom soup (sorry, it makes me feel like I'm cheating), it's a more brothy mix. . . but whatever. I have served this "soup" over crushed tortilla or corn chips, corn bread, or all by itself. You can top with any taco topping you like. I usually offer shredded cheese, green onions, sour cream and maybe hot sauce. Tonight, it was just me and my fabulous and quirky little bowl from my favorite store (Old Time Pottery). But, the random and mismatched dishes are a huge part of my kitchen-plus I think these bowls were about .67 each. Anyway. . . the red towel? Also a love of mine, random and retro kitchen towels. Nothing matches at my house and I love it!

I told you this post was not going to be about the recipe, I did tell you that. . . right? Ok, so you may have noticed the little blob of orange-ish stuff in the corner of the bowl. Instead of sour cream or cheese this time, I thought I would try a new "secret ingredient." I LOVED IT. And I never buy this stuff, not the name brand anyway.

Anyway, just a little dab added a nice contrast to the spicy chilli-ness of the dish. And speaking of spicy...

That's my Granny. Couldn't help but throw that picture in there. She and my mom taught me how to cook. With Granny I remember more actual recipes. With my mom I remember more leeway for experimentation followed by loud alarming "Carrie!!"'s after she would discover it IS possible to use EVERY DISH IN THE HOUSE for one meal. And I'm thankful for them both.

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  1. Mmm! Sounds like a soup version of my salsa recipe. I'll have to try it. Love the dish and the kitchen towel, too. I, also, like mismatched things.

    As far as your question about what is that thing I made, I've been asking myself the same question -- okay, I won. Now, what do I do with you?