Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sometimes simple is best

Ok, to be honest, lots of times simple is best. I have messed up many more meals by doing too much or going too far than I ever have by keeping it simple.
This meal is a variation of one of my favorite "cheats." I LOVE to get a rotesserie chicken from wherever, a loaf of french bread, some fresh fruit and/or veggies, and just make that the meal. A sort of "whole food" take-out option.
Rotesserie chickens, in case you were wondering, are great for crowds, and not too expensive (especially when you cost compare to ordering pizza).
For less crowded occasions, I find it best if I immediately take the meat off the bones (sounds gross, I know, but how else would you word that?) and store it. Otherwise. . . the chicken just slowly becomes something similar to a sci-fi creature, gradually getting pushed further and further back in the fridge.
Anyway. . .
This meal was still very simple. I cooked the noodles in the microwave, added the brocolli during the last round of "stop and stir." The chicken (don't be scared by those dark spots, those are bits of the garlic seasonings from the rotesserie...mmmmm....) I added at the very end, just timing it for about a minute. My goal was to keep the noodles from turning to mush and the chicken from turning to leather. I also increased the amount of water in the noodles by 1/2 a cup, to accomodate the brocolli.
First, I was going to eat this with the french bread.

But, on second thought, I was not feeling as hungry (could it be the massive heat wave outside?), so I replaced the bread with grapes. In the end, I had a very small bowl for dinner and took the rest for lunches. I thought I had a picture of the cute little bowl, but since I don't, how 'bout a random homemade pizza shot? I live to please...

Note: The pizzaa was NOT made on the same night as the chicken pasta. Want the recipe for that? Just ask. . .

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  1. Great idea using a rotisserie ckn like that. Those are seriously yummilicious!!

    Gonna have to try the skittles+caffeine recipe, too. Ever think of an alternative recipe section for your cooking blog? That mixture could work!

    Crafted yet? I'm waiting...