Monday, June 8, 2009

Budget Friendly Meal

I will occasionally be sharing my tips, tricks, and ideas for very budget friendly meals. Occasionally begins NOW.

Breakfast for Supper (family of 4)
1 box of store brand waffles (walmart is about $1.00 per box)
1 sausage patty (or 2) per person, from frozen, pre-cooked bag. (walmart and aldi's are just under $4.00 for 18 servings)
toppings of choice (butter, honey, syrup, peanut butter)
top or side of fruit

So, 1.00 for the waffles, approximately 1.25 for sausage, and add another dollar for condiments and leftover fruit (in season) = 3.25 for a family of 4!
I know, everyone knows that breakfast for supper is great on the budget, but as I totaled that up (while eating my waffles), and thought of the benefit of at least one super cheap night in a two week menu rotation, I was surprised at how simple (toaster, microwave) and inexpensive this meal was. Of course, one could go on naming other breakfast for supper options. . . but I totally plan on using that for a future blog. What's the cheapest you can feed your family (and not feel super guilty)? Do you use a menu or just wing it?
Next time, a budget friendly idea with a little more health value, I promise!

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